6 Week Swiftie Dance Session - April 19th - May 24th

Swiftie 6 Week Dance Class!

Join APA's Swiftie "In My Dancing Era" Mini Dance Session!

Class Options:
Ages 2-3 (Parent & Tot)
Ages 3-4
Ages 5-7 *SOLD OUT*
Ages 7-10 *SOLD OUT*

At APA's Franklin Studio!

See Below For Session Dates, Times, & Cost!


✨ All Students Get A Free Swiftie Gift Bag! ✨

Short-Term Commitment!

Come try us out for 6 weeks. It's a great way to see if your child loves to dance!

No Dress Code or Costume!

You won't have to purchase any clothing or apparel to participate!

Free Gift!

A Free Swiftie-themed gift bag included with registration!

6 Week Session Options:

Every Friday, April 19th - Friday, May 24th!

Ages 2-3 (Parent & Tot)
April 19th - May 24th

Fridays: 5:00-5:30 pm

$79 for all 6 weeks

Ages 3-4
April 19th - May 24th

Fridays: 5:30-6:10 pm

$99 for all 6 weeks


Ages 5-7
April 19th - May 24th

Fridays: 6:15-7:00 pm

$99 for all 6 weeks


Ages 7-10
April 19th - May 24th

Fridays: 7:00-7:45 pm

$99 for all 6 weeks

Let's dance to this beat forevermore!

About APA

At The Academy of Performing Arts we take great pride in catering to kids from age 2 up to 18 with our dance, music, & theatre programs!

We believe in meeting your child where they are and bringing out the best in them through our wide array of classes and highly experienced teachers.
Do you want your child to learn new and exciting skills and develop unmatched confidence? Your child is already a good fit for APA and we can’t wait to have them!

  • Small Class Guarantee!

  • Highly-Trained Instructors!

  • Age Appropriate Costumes, Movements, & Music!

  • Makeup Lessons!

  • Sibling AND Multi-Class Discounts!

  • Professional Dance Flooring & Tumbling Mats!

  • Parent Waiting & Two-Way Viewing Windows!

Building Happy, Healthy, Responsible Kids Through Arts Education!

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